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Pluto dresses the most beautiful time of the day.


Every PLUTO creation has been specially designed to let everything fade away the moment you put it on. Whether you want to relax after a stressful day in a dressing gown, enjoy a peaceful nights rest in a vintage robe or indulge in long and lazy mornings in loungewear, Pluto envelopes you in a heavenly sense of relaxation.


The elegance and comfort of each nightwear design is the result of typical Belgian creativity & craftmanship and a decisive choice for the most qualitative and finest fabrics.


Do you want more information about Pluto on the Moon? Are you looking for contact information? Feel free to contact us or visit our wholesale in Ninove, East-Flanders.

Quality nightwear in East-Flanders

Pluto, for the ideal nightwear in East-Flanders.